No 2 (2014)

Lead Editors:

Elena Bogdanova
Veronica Davidov

Table of Contents


Everyday Life Perspectives on Work, Home, and “the Soviet” from Estonia to Kyrgyzstan
Laura L. Adams, Gulnara Aitpaeva 5-11


“Working for Yourself”: Resource Theft at a Factory in the Late Soviet Era
Olga Smolyak 21-57
Disembedding the Company from Kinship: Unethical Families and Atomized Labor in an Estonian Mine
Eeva Kesküla 58-76
After the Worker State: Competing and Converging Frames of Valuing Labor in Rural Kyrgyzstan
Jeanne Féaux de la Croix 77-100
“Kept Things”: Heterotopic Provocations in the Museal Representation of East German Everyday Life
Anne Winkler 101-122

Book Reviews

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