Strategies of Complaint: Interest Organizations of GDR Staatssicherheit Coworkers after German Reunification

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Amieke Bouma


This article looks at the strategies of former GDR state, security service, and army personnel interest groups unified in the East German Board of Associations (OKV). The largest of these, the Joint Initiative for the Protection of the Social Rights of Former Members of Armed Bodies and the Customs Administration of the GDR (ISOR), aims to achieve the full restoration of the original pension rights of these groups—and especially of former Stasi members. Since its establishment in 1991, ISOR has chosen legal complaints as its main form of action. This strategy is accompanied by petitioning and sending letters to politicians. In English, extended summary in Russian.


Germany, GDR, Postsocialist Transformations, Stasi, Pension Law, Interest Groups, Petitioning

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