Longina Jakubowska. Patrons of History: Nobility,Capital and Political Transitions in Poland. Burlington,VT:Ashgate, 2012; Sofia Tchouikina. Dvorianskaia pamiat’:“byvshie” v sovetskom gorode:Leningrad,1920–30 gody. Sankt-Peterburg:Izdatel’stvo EUSPb, 2006

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Dina Gusejnova


As Nietzsche once remarked, “only that which has no history can be defined” (Nietzsche 1886). Ironically, within the social sciences and humanities, it is historians who often give their objects of research rigid definitions. Longina Jakubowska’s anthropology of Polish gentry and Sofia Tchouikina’s sociological study of noble memory in Soviet Russia provide complementary ways of studying social formations in Nietzsche’s sense.


Anthropology of Elite, Sociology of Memory, Polish Aristocracy, Polish Szlachta, Russian Nobility, Symbolic Capital of Nobility, Biographical Methods, Old Elites under Socialism

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