Lezhava, Nino, ed. Identichnost’, vlast’ i gorod v rabotakh molodykh uchenykh Iuzhnogo Kavkaza [Identity, Power and the City in the Works of Young Social Scientists in the South Caucasus]. Tbilisi: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, 2005. Lezhava, Nino, ed. Iuzhnyi Kavkaz: Territorii. Istorii. Liudi. [South Caucasus: Spaces. Histories. People]. Tbilisi: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Diogene, 2006

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Madlen Pilz


These two volumes are anthologies of articles by young social scientists from the South Caucasus. The authors are grantees of a fellowship program created by the Regional Office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation (linked to the German Green Party) to support young scholars from this region. The fellowships are awarded each year to support research on topics generally neglected in South Caucasian societies. Hailing from the fields of history, sociology, ethnology, gender studies, urban planning, and economics, the young scholars work on a wide range of topics, including identity, gender, informal power structures, and urban development in the three countries of the South Caucasus. The 40 articles (22 in the first volume and 18 in the second ­volume) are interdisciplinary, employing qualitative methods—such as participant observation and interviews—as well as statistical analysis, archival research, and literature reviews.


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