The editorial board of Laboratorium is pleased to announce the results of the journal’s third competition for young authors.


The winners of the competition are:

1st place: Vladislav Siiutkin (MA, Central European University, Austria)

2nd place: Natalia Pashkeeva (PhD, associate researcher, Centre for Russian, Caucasian and Central European Studies, School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, France)

3rd place: Maksim Mal’kov (master’s student, Faculty of Sociology, HSE University, Russia) and Daniil Alekseev (master’s student, Faculty of Sociology, HSE University, Russia)


In addition, six more authors were among the finalists of the competition:

Ekaterina Bemler (graduate student and intern researcher at the Center for Youth Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Russia)

Aleksei Boiko (graduate student, Department of History, HSE University in St. Petersburg, Russia)

Roman Karikh (graduate student, intern researcher at the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research, HSE University, Russia)

Tatiana Pashkovskaya (graduate student, Institute of Slavic Studies, Sorbonne University, France)

Kseniya Shtalenkova (PhD, lecturer, European Humanities University, Lithuania)

Rauf Shumiakov (MA, junior researcher, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia)


Prize winners and finalists, upon successful peer review, will be offered publication in one of the future issues of Laboratorium.

The editorial board thanks all participants of the competition and congratulates the winners!