The events of Maidan of 2013-2014 and the military campaign that followed them in the east of the country changed the symbolic landscape of the Ukrainian society, as well as the possible scopes for its transformations. Substantive changes in institutions, the rise of new social groups, the actualization of the core themes of the protests, revolution, war, and migrations focused the attention of researchers from all over the world on Ukraine. The military, volunteers, and civilians comprise new categories (social as well as analytical) that arose or became substantively transformed in the Ukrainian society. New symbolic meanings of urban spaces and the methods for “reading” them offer a unique data set for engagement and interpretation. Questions of gender relations, social inequality, and social politics are expressed in new modalities and incarnations.


The editors are announcing the call for a planned special issue themed on new studies of the Ukrainian society and invite submissions from interested authors. We seek articles based on empirical research grounded in the social sciences, offering fresh analytical perspectives on the contemporary Ukrainian society. In accordance with the mission and scope of our journal, preference will be given to articles based on qualitative studies.


Guest Editor: Yulia Soroka, Kharkov National University, Ukraine

Deadline: December 1, 2017

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