The Editorial Collective of the peer-reviewed journalLaboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research expresses its full support to the administration, faculty, and students of European University in St. Petersburg.  Since its inception, for many years, our journal has specialized in publishing new, cutting-edge research across social sciences and humanities, produced by Russian and foreign scholars.  International independent anonymous expert assessment of published articles is one of the core foundations of the journal.  Based on our experience of collaborating with authors affiliated with European University in St. Petersburg, the editors agree that one of the most progressive, top-notch institutions of higher education in Russia is under threat.  The outcomes of scholarly and pedagogical activities based at the European University set the bar for professional excellence; are thematically and methodologically innovative, and are highly competitive in the international fields of humanities and social sciences.  We assume that the revocation of the license of European University is a short-sighted decision that threatens one of the most successful post-Soviet projects dedicated to overcoming the isolation and underdevelopment of Russian humanities and social sciences.


We are proud of our collaboration with European University, and we hope for a successful resolution of this crisis.


Editors of the journal Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research