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Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research is an open-access international journal since 2023 published by the Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at George Washington University in cooperation with the Centre for Independent Social Research (founder and in 2009–2023 official publisher of the journal). Laboratorium publishes materials in Russian and English.

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Call for paper for a special issue on "Sacral Spaces of Memory: Orthodox Art and Memorial Practices in Contemporary Russia"

Guest editors of the special issue:

Olga Rusinova and Tatiana Voronina

In the current academic literature, religious practices are approached either from the perspective of memory studies or as part of theological discourse. Authors who have studied modern religious ways of dealing with the past have written about forms of commemoration, church rituals, their meaning, and events that leave their mark on church calendars and memorial practices; or have considered the Russian Orthodox Church as an agent of memory.

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Current Issue

Vol. 15 No. 3(2023)

Published: 19.01.2024

Guest edited by Vlada Baranova


Leave Not Stay. Introduction to the Thematic Block

Vlada Baranova
Abstract 421 | PDF Downloads 252 PDF (Русский) Downloads 236
Page 4-15

Thematic Block (Essays)

Life in Motion: Mobility and Identity among Russian Migrants in the South Caucasus

Vlada Baranova, Verena Podolsky
Abstract 489 | PDF Downloads 470
Page 16-32

Shock Wave of Russian Emigration and Self-Reflection of Its Representatives

Eva Rapoport
Abstract 605 | PDF Downloads 386
Page 33-45


Polysemantic Bisexuality and the Pragmatics of Sexual Identity

Polina Kislitsyna
Abstract 269 | PDF (Русский) Downloads 398
Page 72-101

Book Reviews


Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 116 PDF (Русский) Downloads 44
Page 180-183

List of Article Manuscript Reviewers, 2023

List of Article Manuscript Reviewers, 2023

Laboratorium Russian Review of Social Research
Abstract 216 | PDF Downloads 184
Page 184
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