Olga Brednikova is a sociologist and Leading Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Social Research in Saint Petersburg. She earned her master’s degree in sociology and political science from the European University at St. Petersburg. Her research interests are in the areas of sociology of migration, border studies, urban studies, studies of everyday life, and qualitative sociology. In 2014 she coedited with Oksana Zaporozhets the book Microurbanism: The City in Details (Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2014; in Russian). Brednikova’s most recent project focuses on the transnational practices of migrants who have moved from Central Asia to Russia.

Elena Gudova is a PhD student and Lecturer in the Sociology Department, as well as Junior Researcher at the Research Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology, National Research University–Higher School of Economics. Her research interests include economic sociology, sociology and anthropology of organizations, and qualitative methods in sociology. Her dissertation project investigates the Russian national postal system, exploring how Russian Post’s employees interact in an attempt to make sense of the changes taking place in the organization and its environment.

Sergei Mokhov received his MA in history from the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and the University of Manchester. He is currently a graduate student in the Department of Social Sciences at the National Research University–Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Mokhov is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the death studies journal Archaeology of Russian Death. He is one of the cofounders of the media project “Last 30.” His research interests include death and dying, grief and mourning, the funeral services market, and anthropology of infrastructure.

Alena Nefedova is a postgraduate student and trainee researcher at the International Laboratory for Economics of Innovation, National Research University–Higher School of Economics. She also teaches sociology in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Faculty of Social Sciences. Her research interests include economic sociology, social innovation, and education. She currently studies the potential export of the Russian higher education, as well as the scientific literacy of the Russian population.

Anastasiia Novkunskaia received her MA in sociology from and is now a PhD student in the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the European University at St. Petersburg. Her research interests include sociology of medicine, sociology of professions, and gender studies. Her current research project is devoted to the transformation of obstetrics in Russian small towns in the context of recent and ongoing healthcare reforms.

Anna Varfolomeeva is a PhD candidate in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University in Budapest. Her PhD project focuses on the relations of indigenous communities with the mining industry and the symbolism of decorative stone extraction in two Russian regions, Karelia and Buryatia. Varfolomeeva received her master’s degree from the Central European University’s Department of Nationalism Studies in 2012. In 2013–2014, prior to starting her doctoral studies, she was a visiting researcher at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Olga Yakushenko is a PhD researcher in the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Her research deals with Soviet-Western relations in the sphere of architecture in the 1950s–1960s. The scope of her work includes both Soviet interpretations and appropriations of Western modernism and Western perceptions and understandings of Soviet architecture over the first half of the twentieth century. Yakushenko studied history at the European University at St. Petersburg and the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne.

Oksana Zaporozhets is Leading Research Fellow at the Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities and Associate Professor in the Sociology Department of the National Research University–Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Her research projects are connected to urban transit spaces and the subway, urban imagery including inscriptions, graffiti, and street art, multisensory experiences, and emotions in the city. In 2014 she coedited with Olga Brednikova the book Microurbanism: City in Details (Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie; in Russian). She is currently working on a project devoted to the digitization of the city and urban transit spaces.