Lead editors: Elena Bogdanova and Mischa Gabowitsch

Published: 2011-07-01

The Russian Field: Views from Abroad. Introduction

Mischa Gabowitsch, Elena Bogdanova
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A Multi-Lectic Anatomy of Stiob and Poshlost’: Case Studies in the Oeuvre of Timur Novikov

Ivor Stodolsky
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Russian State and Civil Society in Interaction: An Ethnographic Approach

Meri Kulmala
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The Power of Dress in Contemporary Russian Society: On Glamour Discourse and the Everyday Practice of Getting Dressed in Russian Cities

Katharina Klingseis
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TV Therapy Without Psychology: Adapting the Self in Post-Soviet Media

Julia Lerner
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Memory, Gender, Silence: Oral History in (Post-)Soviet Russia and the Blurry Line Between the Public and the Private

Anika Walke
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Anna Novikova. Sovremennye televizionnye zrelishcha: istoki, formy i metody vozdeistviia. SPb.: Aleteiia, 2008

Aleksandra Iatsyk
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Harold Garfinkel: Katalog odnoi zhizni

Andrei Korbut
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Vis-à-vis s Garfinkelem. Sotsiolog ochen' zdravogo smysla

Nona Shahnazarian
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