No 2 (2010)

Former USSR and Latin America: Studies in Post-Authoritarian Transformations

Lead Editors Mariana Heredia and Olessia Kirtchik

Table of Contents


Comparing Post-Soviet and Latin American Societies: From “Transition” to “Transformation”
Mariana Heredia, Olessia Kirtchik 5-12


The Russian and Argentinian Experiences of Radical Reform: Between Economy and Politics
Mariana Heredia, Olessia Kirtchik 22-64
Accountability Struggles in Democratic Argentina: Civic Engagement from the Human Rights Movement to the Néstor Kirchner Administration
Enrique Peruzzotti 65-85
Activists in the Trap of Anti-Politics: An Exploration of the Powerlessness of Human Rights NGOs in Russia
Françoise Daucé 86-102
Civil Society, Human Rights Struggles and Democratization in Argentina and Russia: Some Brief Comparative Conclusions
Enrique Peruzzotti, Françoise Daucé 103-106
New Forms of Social Mobilization in Democratic Argentina
Marina Farinetti 107-122
Illusions of Market Paradise: State, Business, and Economic Reform in Post-Socialist Russia and Post-1980s Crisis Argentina
Gastón Joaquín Beltrán, Jeffrey K. Hass 123-154
Pension Reform in Argentina and Moldova: Searching for New Meanings
Roxana Eleta de Filippis, Elena Mascova 155-178
Making “the People”: Political Imaginaries and the Materiality of Barricades in Mexico and Latvia
Iván Arenas, Dace Dzenovska 179-199
Impoverishment of the Middle Class in Argentina: The “New Poor” in Latin America
Gabriel Kessler, María Mercedes Di Virgilio 200-220
“New” Poverty in Russia After Socialism
Svetlana Yaroshenko 221-251
New poverty in Argentina and Russia: some brief comparative conclusions
Svetlana Yaroshenko, María Mercedes Di Virgilio, Gabriel Kessler 252-256
The Peasants of El Ceibal and Access to Justice. Land Rights and precarious Land Tenure in Santiago del Estero, Argentina
Karina Bidaseca 257-274
Insecure Land Rights, Obstacles to Family Farming, and the Weakness of protest in rural Russia
Oane Visser 275-295
Agrarian Modernization, Land Conflicts, and Peasant Mobilization in Russia and Argentina
Oane Visser, Karina Bidaseca 296-304
The Stigma of Memory in Tumbaya-Jujuy
Ludmila da Silva Catela 305-326
From the Solovki to Butovo: How the Russian Orthodox Church Appropriates the Memory of the Repressions
Veronika Dorman 327-347
Personhood and “Frontier” in Contemporary Amazonia and Siberia
Olga Ulturgasheva, Vanessa Elisa Grotti, Marc Brightman 348-365

Book Reviews

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