No 1 (2017)

Lead editors: Elena Bogdanova and Anna Paretskaya

Table of Contents


Rethinking Public and Private in an Acoustic Community: Investigation of Contemporary Russian Village
Elena Bogdanova 4-29
“You Are a Mother Forever, but an Artist for Good, As Well”: Creative Work in the Context of Intensive-Extensive Mothering
Mariya Godovannaya, Anna Temkina 30-61
Narratives of Not Belonging: The Symbolic and Functional Meaning of Language Use in the Relation of Russian Au Pair Migrants to the Russian-Speaking Community in German
Caterina Rohde-Abuba 62-81
Mutations of a Modern Myth: How Changing Discourses of Migration, Patriotism, and Personhood Shape Migration Narratives of Foreign-Language Students from Pskov, 1991–2015
Eline Helmer 82-109

Book Reviews

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