Published: 2012-10-01

Lead editor: Olessia Kirtchik



Olessia Kirtchik
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“How it Was”: Semiotic Approaches to Soviet References

Amy Garey
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Page 27-50

(Ethno)methodology in an Auto-Repair Shop: Categorization Practices of "Ethnic Membership"

Timur Bocharov
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“Compulsory Motherhood”: The Female Reproductive Body as Regulated by the State (Based on the Analysis of Newspaper Sovetskaia Belorussiia)

Tatiana Shchurko
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“Health Is Better than Wealth”: Controversies of the Marketization of Vital Goods (The Case of the Moscow Dental Market)

Elena Berdysheva
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Socialization of Soviet Youth during the "Thaw" Period: Examples of Alternative Identities in the Arkhangelsk Region

Dmitry Kozlov
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Field Notes

The Methodology of Studying “Spontaneous” Street Activism (Russian Protests and Street Camps, December 2011–July 2012)

Alexander Bikbov
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Page 130-163

“Creative” Bolotnaia and “Public” Poklonnaia: The Visual Representations of Protests in the Russian Media

Anastasiya Kalk
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Page 164-172

Election Observers in One Region: An Outline of an Analysis

Alexander Fudin
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Observing Okkupai: Practice, Participation, Politics in Moscow’s Movable Protest Camp

Anna Grigoryeva
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Page 183-188

The Mobilization in Support of the Russian Protest Movement in France: An Inside Perspective

Olga Nikolaeva
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Review Articles

Robert Park’s Marginal Man: The Career of a Concept in American Sociology

Chad Alan Goldberg
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Page 199-217

Book Reviews

Piter Solomon ml. Sovetskaia iustitsiia pri Staline / Per. s angl. L. Maksimenkova. – M.: ROSSPEN, 2008

Elena Bogdanova
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Editorial note
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